Frequently Asked Questions


What is expected of me?

Connecting with BYU alumni is done via email. After matching with a professional, you can either use BYU Connect's email template or contact the alumni on your own. Please be professional and thoughtful about your meeting with BYU alumni. We recommend that you come prepared with questions and a general understanding of the company the alumni works for. Finally, as is good protocol, we recommend sending a follow-up thank you note or email!

What if I reach out to a mentor and they don't respond?

Occasionally alumni are too busy or unable to respond in a timely fashion. In this case, please be respectful and patient. It may be wise to make at least one follow-up request after a week or two. If after a follow-up request you still do not receive a response, please continue exploring the database for other alumni that interest you.


What happens when I sign up?

When you sign up, the profile you create is available to students to review. When a student decides to match with you, they will be given your email to initiate contact and organize a meeting. The mentoring will then occur as you meet and pay for lunch in the Utah area or talk virtually over the phone, and share your experience and insights.

What if I don't get contacted?

Every alumni's willingness to contribute helps to further the mission of BYU. As this program is an optional opportunity for students and is not required, there is no guarantee that you will be contacted.