Frequently Asked Questions


What is expected of me?

Connecting with BYU alumni is initially done via email. After finding a professional, you can either use BYU Connect's email template or contact the alumnus on your own. Please be professional and thoughtful in your interactions with BYU alumni. When you meet or talk with an alumnus, we recommend that you come prepared with questions and a general understanding of the company the alumni works for. Finally, as is good protocol, we recommend sending a follow-up thank you note or email!

Will I be automatically matched with alumni?

No; you can only match with an alumnus after searching for that person and choosing the “Connect Now” option on their profile. At that point, you will receive that alumnus’s contact information, allowing you to reach out and introduce yourself.

What happens when I connect with someone?

The alumnus will receive a notification that someone has connected with them. Then, it is your job to reach out over email. You can use either the provided email template or your own email. Please be professional and respectful of their time when requesting to meet.

Will the alumnus know I connected with them?

The individuals with whom you connect will receive a notification that a connection has been made, but will not know who it was until you email them.

What if I reach out to a mentor and they don't respond?

Occasionally alumni are too busy or unable to respond in a timely fashion. In this case, please be respectful and patient. It may be wise to make at least one follow-up request after a week or two. If you still do not receive a response after a follow-up request, please explore the database for another connection.

What if there aren’t any alumni to connect with when I search?

The less specific you make your search, the more alumni connections you can make. Try only using the keyword search engine and removing any filters to make your search more general.

Does my profile need to be filled out completely?

Fill out as much information as possible, as alumni may view your profile before speaking with you. If you have not yet declared a major, fill in your area of interest or leave it blank. If you do not know when your date of graduation will be, give an estimate.


Will I be automatically matched with students?

No; students can only match with you by searching for you in the database and choosing the “Connect Now” option on your profile. At that point, you will receive an email notification, and the student will receive your contact information, allowing him or her to reach out to you and introduce himself or herself.

How often will students connect with me?

This can vary, but you will likely (at most) connect with one or students per semester.

What should I put in my profile?

Students will connect with you based on your job description and title. Feel free to put both past and present jobs/functions in which you have worked.

What should I tell students during our conversations?

Talk about your career path and give advice to students on how to best prepare for networking, internships, and working in your profession. Tell them what you wish you knew when you were their age.

Will I be required to reach out to students?

You do not need to worry about reaching out to students; they will be the ones reaching out to you once your profile is made.

What’s in this for me?

BYU Connect is an opportunity to give back and mentor current students. As former students, you can help prepare the next generation of BYU Alumni. Your help is invaluable.